The Phone Call That Made Us Parents


Today marks two months since Joel and I received the phone call that changed everything. I was standing in the Easter aisle at Hobby Lobby when the call came. I heard my phone ring loud and clear. (Since hearing that we were approved to be foster parents I no longer kept my phone on vibrate in fear I would miss the call.) My heart leapt-could it be our social worker calling with a placement? I had gotten my hopes up several times before but this time I was not disappointed. It was her! I hurried out into the entryway in order to hear her better. It was a new born baby boy and he had spent the last three weeks in the hospital due to complications at birth. He was now ready to go home-to our home.

Everything in me wanted to scream-Yes! Yes! Of course we will take him! However, as I promised Joel, my response was, “I will call you back in 10 minutes; I need to call my husband first.” I was shaking as I called Joel. He was shocked on the other end but agreed that we should say yes. This was the moment we talked about and tried to imagine, but now it was here and so surreal. Five hours later we were on our way to the hospital with our overnight bags in hand. Before they could discharge our little guy we had to spend the night with him in the hospital in order to be trained in caring for a drug baby. As soon as we arrived we were handed a handsome, wide-eyed baby boy. It was time for his feeding and we were now his parents. After a long sleepless night on two pull-out chairs, we were on our way home, groggy but thrilled. Less than 24 hours earlier we had been waking up discussing what we should do for the weekend. We had no idea how much would change in a matter of hours. Needless to say, we didn’t make any plans for the weekend. Everything had changed with that phone call. We were now parents of a newborn baby boy.

Today our little buddy is doing great-he has doubled in weight since he was born (almost 12 lbs now), and just had a perfect two month check-up. He loves to smile and chat and would be content to lie on Joel’s chest all day. We are so in love with him. While it is likely that he will eventually go to live with his extended family members, we are grateful for each day the Lord gives us with him and trust that this time is not in vain. Every song we sing, every story we read and every prayer we pray over his little life can be used by the Lord.

hands joel reading



  1. Amazing. Brought deep tears to my eyes. You are starting his life out on an amazing foundation of love and of life in The Lord. This is definitely not in vain and will be a huge deposit in the formation of his sweet little life. So inspiring Britt. 🙂

  2. Great blog Brit , so happy for you guys. This brings back feelings of how we felt waiting for That call for Brooke, 18 months! of waiting. It was torture. But as you know, so worth it.

  3. Welcome to the world of fostering! Praise the Lord that the little one has a safe, loving home. How well I remember the first time we brought a newborn home! 🙂

  4. Great job Brittany and Joel on fostering this beautiful little guy. So many babies born in our little hospital with the same problem. Thank God for people like you guys for making his world a better place!

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