Waiting, Praying and Hoping to Make Him Ours

The months continue to pass and life in the Lind household continues on as normal, or as normal as life can be with two babies eight months apart. Little buddy’s vocabulary is rapidly expanding but he refers to most things as Mama, Dada, apple or guck (truck). He is beginning to take steps on his own and his little sister is becoming an avid roller, making it much more difficult to catch or contain them. I am also no longer the only one pining for overlapping naps these days. The babies seem to prefer sleeping during the same time in order to assure that they will be awake at the same time. Finley is much more content to play if her brother is within view. Likewise, if Fin is napping, Little Buddy will linger around her door, occasionally standing up and banging against it. When his sister finally wakes up to play, he dives headlong into her belly and proceeds to roll over onto his back with some portion of her body pinned underneath him. Although perhaps a little rougher than she wishes, sissy doesn’t complain. Instead, she responds with squeals of delight while reaching out to grab as much of his hair as she grasp with her chubby little fingers. Although this usually leads to one or both of them eventually breaking down in tears, they are quite fond of each other. Their sibling love is a precious sight and provides hours of amusing entertainment.

Most of our days fly by and I am so caught up in diaper changing, meal preparing and story reading that I forget that this little boy who feels like our son and Finley’s brother in every way, is not actually our son or Finley’s brother yet according to the state. My heart is tugged back to this reality every time I am contacted by a social worker to set up another monthly visit or every time I bring him to the doctor and write down a name, that though it was given to him at birth, doesn’t seem to belong to him anymore. These moments remind me that our journey is not yet done. In so many ways this little boy is our son, and yet we still wait, pray and hope to make him ours.

Foster care is a slow and careful process involving many steps. Though things are moving forward with our sweet boy and adoption is looking promising, there are still several court dates to be had and documents to be signed. We ask you to please join us in praying. Please pray for things to continue moving forward in order for our home to be little Buddy’s permanent home soon. We ask also that you pray for us. Sitting in the waiting room of the unknown is tiresome and we are feeling it. Please pray that we would not grow weary in the waiting and that our trust and hope would remain steadfast in God. Though this process feels slow, we know that our God is in perfect control and working out what is best. Psalm 115:3 says that “Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases.” Though paperwork, court dates, birth parents and judges feel so out of our control, they are not out of God’s control. He sits above it all working out exactly what pleases Him. He is the One who placed this little boy in our home sixteen months ago and will continue to work on his behalf. In that we rest as we wait, pray and hope to make this little boy our own.

“From of old no one has heard or perceived by the ear, no eye has seen a God besides you,

who acts for those who wait for him.”

–Isaiah 64:4




  1. Dear Brittany, I’d love to read an update if you have one. I am praying for your family. I came across your blog because of your Gospel Coalition article. Thank you for articulating many of the thoughts and feelings my husband and I have as foster parents. We live in PA and have a little 10-month-old whom we’ve had for 6 months. He will most likely be going back to his mother at the end of this month. Praise be to our loving Father who is in control of all things!

  2. my husband and I are foster parents. We had a newborn baby straight from the hospital for almost 2 months. we were told that there was a strong possibility that he would get to stay forever well just two weeks shy of him being 2 months old a family member who had never known about the baby came forward now he is living with tem and I a struggling as to where do we go from here. we want to adopt and we also know that the need for foster homes is huge. I just feel like that I can’t do this. my heart can’t take this but they need me to because I am a stay at home mommy. do you have any advise for me.

    1. Hi Amber-
      I apologize for my delayed response! I don’t know that I have any great advice…except that you should keep doing it. Keep opening your heart and your home. Keep letting your heart break. God will be your strength. Psalm 73:26 says “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” God will strengthen and hold your heart as it breaks. You need not fear. Jesus has laid his life down for us and therefore we can lay our lives and hearts down for others in need. Praying for much wisdom, grace and strength for you. Those who lose their lives for His sake will find it.h

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