Our Story

We were introduced by our dear friends, Jon and Melissa Parnell, in October of 2011. At the time, Brittany was living in Minneapolis, MN, and Joel was going to school in Louisville, KY. While Joel was visiting the Parnells for the weekend, Jon and Melissa thought it might be a good idea to invite Brittany over in order to meet Joel. 

Nine months later we were engaged. Jon and Melissa could hardly contain their excitement. 

Engagement parnells

1 year later we were married-October 27th, 2012


2 weeks after our wedding, we moved to Louisville, KY.


We have lived in Louisville for just over a year now. Joel is working towards finishing his Masters in Christian Ministry at Southern Seminary and works full time doing online sales. Brittany works part time for The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood and teaches piano and fitness classes on the side. We are trusting the Lord for how and when He plans to grow our family-biologically and through adoption. We plan, Lord willing, to go overseas long term.

photo (6)


  1. Hey Brittany! I am not sure how I came across your site, or if you even know who I am lol…but I know who you are through a mutual upbringing in the Yoop =] I loved your blog and it’s such an encouragement to see the ways in which you’re running after the Lord’s will and glowing in His love! I recently stopped coaching college basketball to pursue mission work and do some “loving-on” the fatherless children of the world. I have an amazing opportunity to go to Malawi for 3 weeks very soon! Now that I know a bit of your story I’ll be praying for comfort and understanding for you and your husband!

    In the Grip of His GRACE-
    Rachel Folcik

  2. Hey! I just found your site through the post on Gospel Coalition! It was really wonderful to read! My husband is working on his masters at Southern and we just started the foster case process!

    1. Praise God! So glad to hear you are pursuing foster care! Are you going through the state? If you ever have any questions or want to get together to talk about it, let me know! Where do you guys go to church?

  3. Hi, Brittany. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing journey. We’re having a foster care benefit at our church (in Decatur, GA) soon and was wondering if we could reprint your article Wanted: Parents Willing to Get Too Attached from CBMW. Such a beautiful testimony, holding such power to stir hearts!
    With thanks,

    1. Hi Wendy-Thank you! We have such a good and gracious God. Yes please-go ahead and use the article. Just please cite where the article originally came from. Thank you for asking! If there is any other way I can be of help please let me know! May the Lord be glorified and children helped through your benefit.


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